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Nazmy - Love is My Religion: Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace  

Thank you so much to all of you who supported me to publish my book about Mohamed Nazmy, Quest Travel, spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt, and Mr. Nazmy's vision for creating peace through travel. The book is entitled Nazmy - Love is My Religion: Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace. 

The book is available now.  

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Egypt Tour 2017

April 30th - May 13th 

I will be traveling again in 2017. I am always so excited to offer this magical spiritual trip as it is such a joy to travel to Egypt on a spiritual journey. Traveling in this way can only escalate your personal journey and add to your own spiritual understandings. 

We will be able to spend 8 nights on Mohamed Nazmy‚Äôs beautiful and luxurious sailing boat called the Afandina. This allows us to travel slowly down the Nile and stop when and where we want thus we avoid the crowds and have a totally different trip than most tourists. 

This trip we will visit Abu Simbel as well as Old Cairo where you will find famous churches and a fascinating synagogue. We will have special access to the sites where we will do ceremony and have private meditation time. We will also have private time at the Sphinx and at the Temple of Philae plus a final private culminating ceremony within the Great Pyramid. Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel, who will provide us with our trip, has become a special friend and he will do everything in his power to provide each of us with the trip of a life time. Mohamed will also be offering us a special surprise.

Email me at and also click above on to to my website page at Spiritual Travel to Egypt to learn more about the itinerary of the spiritual pilgrimage offered. Please let me know if you are interested for an upcoming visits and I will email you more in depth information. 

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About Me: Hello, I am a metaphysical teacher and healer. I am dedicated to healing and transformation. I believe we are all light workers involved in the process of waking up.   I offer many services and I am here as a facilitator to encourage you to find your own truth. I am devoted to the raising of our consciousness and I am active in the transformation of the understanding of our true nature as spiritual beings in physical bodies.

We all have a special destiny. I am happy to help my clients open to this and to transform that which has wounded them and that which has held them back from their dreams. I delight in helping my clients and students to find their soul's purpose and to connect with their own meaningful expression of the divine. It is my joy to watch the enfoldment and empowerment of those I work with as they move towards their creative passions.

I believe that we already live in a paradise and that as we remember our true essence, we will understand our special responsibility as stewards of our mother earth and we will appreciate her gifts as sacred I believe that each of us is an expression of the divine with great work to do.

I am here to assist in the transformation of our consciousness so that we may navigate these challenging times of great change. We are powerful and loving beings at our hearts and I am dedicated to midwifing these realizations. I am also a fellow pilgrim along the path!

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