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Sessions and Classes


I will be seeing clients for Alchemical Healing, shamanistic counseling, tarot, astrology, and tree readings on Tues. Wed. and Thurs. from 11am to 4pm. Some evening sessions are possible. 


All of us need direction and help at times in our lives and each of these powerful tools can be used to support your journey and facilitate the changes you are looking for.  I will support you to discover that the answers you seek are within yourself.

We meet in the Greenlake area at my home in Seattle.  Email me at for a session. These can also be done over the phone and through Skype.


Tarot: $80

Astrology Update: $100

Tree Readings $45  

Full chart reading: $250 (In person session and written report.)



Alchemical Healing I and II:

AH I: On going. Call or email for information. Prices: $300/$150 to retake.

AH II: On going. Price $300/$150 to retake.

12 Month Druid Apprenticeship:

Price: $350.00. Call or email for times and dates.

We will work as a group and I will also work with you individually. In this apprenticeship you will:

Learn about the tree teachings of each month’s portal

Follow the Wheel of Life and participate in ceremonies and rituals     

Learn how to cast a circle and lead your own ceremonies for private spiritual work or group work

Participate in and learn to be comfortable with drumming, singing, and chanting as a means of deepening our work

Learn healing techniques 

Learn about journeying and develop your own skill with this 

 Become familiar with totems, the elements, and the cycles of the light half and the dark half of the year and their energies

You will develop your own Druidic path for spiritual practice

Meet with me for 2 private sessions while I mentor your progress and you develop your own particular skills and talents

This apprenticeship involves a commitment on your part to show up and participate.  Your 2 private one on one sessions will be booked at your convenience.

Bonus: A free tree reading and invitations to solstice and equinox and cross-quarter ceremonies are included. 

The Last 10 Trees of the Celtic Alphabet:

On going. Call for dates and times.


Basic: You will learn some of the basics and learn how to make sense of how the transits of the planets and luminaries are affecting your natal chart. This is a 4 week class. Learn about how the transits (where the planets and luminaries are now) are activating your own natal chart: $130.  $25 deposit holds your place in the class. Room for 8.  Greenlake area of Seattle. Time to be announced. 

Solar Return: You will learn about your own Solar Return chart (which changes with each new year’s birth date and describes the benefits, gifts, and challenges of the current birth year.) This is a 4 week class. Learn about your own Solar Return Chart:$130.  $25 deposit holds your place in the class. Room for 8.  Greenlake area of Seattle. Time to be announced.

Tarot: Beginning tarot class  Learn how to read cards for yourself and others  Bonus: Free reading and lots of handouts are included.Time to be announced.  

Healing Program for Healers: This is offered the 1st Tuesday of every month.  It would be my delight to support you as you focus on your own natural healing ability.  This will accelerate your practice while you learn further principles of healing.  You will have an opportunity to share what you do as well as work with clients. I will also help to promote your work. We will develop a community of healers and support each other. 

Reiki, Alchemical Healing, and your own form of healing will be offered. We can learn from each other.

Clients: if you would like to meet new healers in your community and be worked on for free I will schedule you a time on one of these First Tuesday evenings. We can work at a distance if this is your need. Please email me at


Egypt Tours:

Contact me at for more information and join my Facebook page at Alchemical Healing Arts.


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