Here is an article from my second trip to Egypt in 2010. 

My Encounter with the Tomb of Unas at Sakkara

May, 2010

We were able to enter the tomb on May 21, 2010 that had been closed to tourists for years. This pyramid sits at the edge of the Sakarra complex and the Step Pyramid. I am very grateful to Quest Travel and Mohamed Nazmy for making this magic happen. This is something I had wanted to do for a long time. This tomb is 4,350 years old and part of the Old Kingdom.

I was drawn to this place as the oldest and most complete canon of the Pyramid Text. This is the oldest known religious writing in Egypt and the world. “The corridors and burial chambers of many pyramids were inscribed with lengthy hieroglyphic inscriptions known at the Pyramid Texts. They deal with themes of the ritual and resurrection and are the oldest surviving body of religious writing in the world.” (pg. 21, Valley of the King: Exploring the Tombs of the Pharaohs by John Romer, Henry Holt and Company, New York) These mystical texts are classics of world mystical literature. This is indeed a national treasure.

What the texts describe are direct encounters with a spiritual dimension of existence. (pg. 310, Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramid Text by Jeremy Nadler.) What is written in these hieroglyphs is a description of how one makes contact with the spiritual realm and encounters the enlightenment of consciousness resulting in ascension. Spiritual experiences occur when the boundary between the worlds is consciously crossed. This tomb is one of the places upon the earth where this can happen. It was created for this purpose. Its themes are death and rebirth, cosmic self-realization, negotiating the spirit world, union with the gods, and returning to earth. The goal is not simply to enter into relationship with the divine, but also to bring the divine into relationship with the earthly. These texts describe experiences meant for the living

This place was originally made for the pharaoh to help him as his spirit left his physical body. After the ascent into the sky and becoming a star, the king returns as the living Horus! He becomes master of both worlds; the living and the dead! Thus the Above and the Below were united. The pharaoh as the representative for his people, becomes the heir of both the cosmic god Atum and the earth god, Geb. As Horus-the god, he travels through Osirian death and dismemberment, flies up to heaven where he meets with the gods and goddesses and experiences spiritual rebirth, he then as the king brings into manifestation a new divine human axis. He becomes a channel for the energies of the spirit world to flow into the terrestrial world.

“The goal of the spiritual journey described in the Pyramid Texts is therefore not simply the king’s enlightenment or absorption in the godhead, it is for him to seal the connection between worlds, to unite the realms of heaven and earth for the benefit of all Egypt, and thereby to establish Maat - universal harmony and order - throughout the kingdom (pg. 320, Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramid Text.) There are no more kings to unite these realms. It seems like those of us who are drawn spiritually to Egypt are drawn there to carry out something necessary. The group that I traveled with of 18 daring souls came that day to the pyramid of Unas to answer a calling.

We became the modern ones who stepped into the pyramid of Unas and through our ritual and the power of the pyramid and the ancient texts, traveled through our meditation via this star map. We left our physical bodies and astral traveled to the realm of the stars to meet the gods and goddesses of the inner world between heaven and the earth. We journeyed to the formless world of light. We stood in the formless dimension of ascended souls and they fed us with love and light and information and power.

Then we came back to our bodies as we stood together in a circle within the pyramid, and grounded as best as we could what we had taken into ourselves. We like the ancient kings, reestablished a link between the worlds. We established Maat or cosmic harmony on earth once again.

 So this is what the 18 of us did in the tomb of Unas. We linked the two worlds and sealed the connection between these dimensions. We escorted in Maat or universal harmony for the planet at this time in history. Each of us held our individual key and yet, coming together we formed one unique key into the spirit world and the cosmic fabric of creation and opened a portal, inviting in this energy.

The Sakkara complex is a stellar place. It looks like a huge space station for aliens. Here we united with the heavens and the stars from which we are seeded. We plugged into a direct line to star connections and frequencies. Galaxies and star systems downloaded us; gifting us with messages and purpose and directives and missions. Each person in our group now has access to this communication that he or she will be responsible for. The main directive is the establishment of harmony on the planet.

This text is known as the cannibal text. We are asked to ingest the neteru, the gods and goddesses that make up the Egyptian pantheon and represent the principle of nature. We take in the qualities of the ascended ones. We absorb into ourselves the power of divinity so that we can become fully realized humans that affect the world around us. We are invited to embody the Sahu. We are being made over, in our coming to this place, and together consciously doing ceremony to invoke spirit. We grow tall, we expand, we encounter our higher selves, and experience a union with the first cause and its expression in dimensions and worlds that are more advanced than our own. We are seeded with the universal life force of eternity. We are Khepera, the becoming of our becoming. We are radiated by god stuff and we have now become the living Horus of light.

Now we are metaphorically, spiritual cannibals. We eat what is around us and we metabolically or alchemically change the energy. We become generators of peace, order, and harmony. Thus we all have entered into a sacred contract. Emil our guide and Egyptologist and Mohamed the president of Quest Travel, although not present with us, are very much a part of this as they made this visit possible.

The hieroglyphs have infused us with their knowledge and power. We read them through our bodies as we ate their messages. We entrained to their instructions and codes. We “know” without books or intellectual understanding. We absorb the process for becoming a star and returning with the energy of the cosmos. We now are put in place to do something with this for the good of our planet and for the raising of the consciousness of our species. My friend Keith shared these words with me, “I expect great things from each of us.” We are each challenged to reveal the mystical content of the Pyramid texts by demonstrating spiritual revelation in our own lives and sharing it. Although it is true that each of us is a seeker of our own pilgrimage, and that we seek our own spiritual passion and path and enfoldment, we are also tied as a group to a unique challenge and interpretation. This stellar influence of specific symbology and guidance has been infused into each of us. This is for now and forward. And it is for the good of all.

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