About Me

My new book The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar is available now. You can buy it at www.amazon.com  


My work with the Divine Feminine, the Celtic Tree Calendar, tarot and astrology, psychology and art, and the Egyptian Mysteries through Alchemical Healing has led me to my healing practice.  I embrace our connection with nature and I invite into my work, the teaching, guidance, and healing of Universal Love.

I am a certified Alchemical Healing teacher and practitioner with Nicki Scully and a member of the lineage of Thoth.  AH is a shamanic energy form of healing that works on the etheric level, and follows the premise  "So Above, So Below." Less invasive than the medical model, it is a powerful healing method.  With the help of universal loving energy in its many forms and expressions, I work with physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues. This work can be done in  person or via the phone.  Practicums are available.  I sponsor a support group for healers in the Seattle area. I love teaching about the Egyptian deities and the healing energies of the temples, tombs, and ancient sites in Egypt. I led my first group to Egypt in May of 2012 and we had an awesome time. The next trip is scheduled for Sept. 6 through Sept.20, 2014.

I have been running circle for many years that embrace the Divine Feminine. My ancestors come from the British Isles and I practice Native European Earth Spirituality. I use the Celtic Tree Calendar that follows the thirteen moon months of the year to organize my teachings. Each month has special energies and portals, guides and totems, and tree healings that can be used to live one's life in a good way. my new book incorporates these teachings.

As I follow the turning of the yearly wheel I enjoy including astrology teachings, ritual, and ceremony that encourage personal growth, healing, and empowerment. Sitting in circle with intention, and drumming, singing, chanting, praying and sharing provide a gentle and beautiful container for transformation. I have given successful workshops and retreats in Washington, Oregon, and California. A year long study apprentice program is available that works with the Celtic Tree Calendar and Native European spirituality. 

I have been doing psychic tarot and astrological readings for over twenty five years. Tarot provides clairvoyance and clarity.   Astrology provides insight and guidance.  My astrological practice includes natal charts with progressions and transits, and solar return charts that define the up coming year in a client’s life. I also enjoy teaching classes in tarot and astrology.  I have been privileged to read at the annual Women of Wisdom Conference, the Northwest Women’s Show, the Body Mind Exhibition and at other popular northwest venues. 

I use mandala art as a means to connect clients with their own inner process. This is an incredible tool for self reflection and centering. This path of self discovery enhances a sense of connection and peace. I have taught classes using mandalas for the Heritage Institute here in Seattle. As an artist I am always looking to express my self with my paints and colored pencils.

I also incorporate dreamwork in my healing practice as a way for students and clients and students to receive their own inner guidance and follow their own timing and process.

I received my Masters in Psychology in 1989 from Antioch Seattle and have worked as a therapist both in private practice and for an agency. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families. I am also a retired public school teacher.   In the last sixteen years of my twenty five year teaching career I worked with at risk youth at the Center for Human Services in Seattle but I have taught every grade from kindergarten to college.

I have lived my whole life in Seattle and am married with two grown children. I enjoy reading, gardening, walking, movies, and traveling to my second home which is Egypt. My very favorite thing is to watch the magic of my life unfold as I embrace synchronicities, dreams, and visions. I am grateful to the places, experiences, and people that bless me!

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