Over the years I have had healing sessions and tarot card readings with Sharlyn. Even when I moved to another country I continued to have these fruitful sessions with her. The accuracy of her perceptions about my innermost feelings and emotional patterns with little input from me is amazing. Her healing powers are potent and she is connected to the mystical. Once in a phone session, she said that she sensed heat...anger around me. At that moment a defunct smoke alarm in a dresser drawer went off. Yes, astonishing. She takes me swimming into my issues and then gently leads me, sometimes with guided meditations, to soothing waters and new images that restore my power to determine the quality of life I lead. She has varied tools and techniques for each situation and impressive intuitive abilities. I am discerning and she has my highest recommendation -- Julia Adame, Director, Volunteer Adventures México, Coatepec, Veracruz.


Testimonial for Astrology for Sharlyn
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012

     I don’t even know how to express to you, how you have changed my life in a way I have been waiting a long time for..... I have been reading my chart every day (and its not even June 5th yet! [my birthday]) and every day it brings profound guidance and joy to me..... you could not have known, but so much of my chart are ideas, feelings, maybe even callings or premonitions, that have been pressing on me lately, before I even got my chart reading...... it resonates so strongly and my life is finally beginning to make sense to me, and what a joy!!!!!

     And as such I will be referring my dearest friends and family to you, you have a real gift and I am so grateful to you!! Lots of love. -- Tracey


     Sharlyn is gifted with a combination of qualities that make her an adept at both healing and teaching. As a client of hers for Alchemical Healing sessions and as a student in her classes, I came away - on multiple occasions -with transformative experiences. She brings dedication, enthusiasm, compassion, resourcefulness, high intuition and a track record of success to her work. She epitomizes the high vibrational consciousness of the Egyptian pantheon, and elevates and inspires those who've studied with her. I highly recommend Sharlyn to anyone seeking to broaden his or her horizons, to anyone seeking transformational healing -- Jonny Hahn, August, 2010


     Sharlyn breathes life into the human condition. Her fresh, light-hearted approach to healing always pulls me out of chaos and into clarity -- Jamie Luce, Alchemical healer, Reiki master


     Thanks again Sharlyn for the lovely reading yesterday. As always, it was just exactly what I needed to hear. Your eye-twinkling clarity, positive insight and gentle way of being add so much to the message. I am so blessed to have your wisdom touch my life. -- Kira


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