Newsletter #30: Summer 2021

Hello Dear Friends,

 I have missed you all and am eager so connect with you. I hope you are all well and thriving through these challenging times of drought and fires, storms and floods, the extreme summer heat all over the US and the pandemic. What times we live in!


We are no longer locked down here in Seattle but covid cases are on the rise,

so we are back to wearing our masks in public. I don’t mind this at all as I feel

 that it protects others.


I have been working on the final  edits of my upcoming book Celtic Tree

Ogham: Rituals and Teachings for the Aicme Ailim and the Forfeda which is

about the last ten ogham of the Celtic Ogham tree alphabet. It will be available

in November. Again, I am reminded of the healing energies of the tree dryads

and nature. I am as resolved as ever to protect Mother Earth. I love these tree

teachings and this practice that leads me through the seasons with gratitude.

People are buying my novel and that is thrilling for me. It is always scary to

put a new piece of work out there in the world. I am just so pleased that I 

got it completed, edited, formatted, and published! So grateful for the support!



Special Offer: I am asking folks who buy and read my novel The Pharaoh’s Daughter if they would write a review for me on Amazon. Because I have self-published this book, I need help in getting the words out about it, and reviews help with this. I would like to offer you a Tree Reading in gratitude for purchasing the book and for taking the time to write a review. I use my Celtic Tree Oracle deck to choose your tree, and then I tune into the tree and share its special message for you. So let me know if you are willing!


Now that the edits are complete for my last tree book, I am left with a time and space. Wow, it has been a while since that has been the case. I would love to hear back from you to know what you are doing. I miss contact with others as I haven’t taught a class since the March of 2020. I could have chosen to use zoom and continued to teach but my heart just wasn’t in it. I have continued to do readings on zoom however and am offering Tree Readings. Tarot Readings, and Astrology Readings if any of you are interested.


I have some sites to offer:

Netflix: The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary about a couple who leave

their LA apartment to start a sustainable farm in Moorpark, California. It is

fascinating how they learn to develop a truly sustainable farm and heal the soil

 and the environment.


John Willmont, aka the Woodland Bard, is coordinator of Bards in The Woods, keeper of a Tree Labyrinth, and performer of tree, forest and water mythology in Ireland. He does a weekly Nature Folklore session on Sundays. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

TreeSisters: women seeding change: A charity organization that helps to plant trees around the world. They do amazing work. Each time you donate to TreeSisters, you are funding the planting of trees and tropical reforestation


Last week they celebrated the launch of a new planting project located in

South India, brought to you through collaboration and partnership with

Cauvery Calling.

If you would like to support this work and continue reforesting the world you can support this project - and all of their tropical planting projects - by making a donation here:

Khemenu Wisdom Center and Zahra Indigo Rønlov, MA. She offers monthly Wisdom Talks and this last one with Bruce Lipton was extraordinary. Check it out. Truly remarkable! I love Zahra’s work in the world, and I think you will too.

Here is the URL for the watch links for Wisdom Talks:

Signing off for now and sending love and gratitude your way, Sharlyn

Newsletter #29: Spring 2021

Hello Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I have written my newsletter. I have been sequestered here at home in Seattle and am now ready to reenter the world again.



My Novel:

I am so happy to announce the debut of my novel: The Pharaoh’s Daughter: A Spiritual Sojourn: The Healing Powers of Past, Present, and Future Lives in Egypt. It is now available on Amazon in either paperback or e-book. I have been working on it through this whole epidemic, and the writing of it has kept me sane. You can see all of my available books by just typing in my name on Amazon or here is the link. Just copy and paste it into your browser.


This is what the back of the book says:

Sara’s obsession begins with her first visit. From there, she embarks on a spiritual journey of renewal that takes her deep into the mysteries of Egypt—and herself—past, present, and future. She does not understand what drives her, but she knows the answers are along the Nile, in the tombs of Saqqara, and on the pages of the Pyramid Texts.


As Sara learns about Egypt’s old dynasties, she is struck by spontaneous visions of a life as Iput, the daughter of the Pharaoh Unas and the initiate priestess of the goddess Hathor. She learns of a sacred scroll, full of revelations, called the Book of Light. Are these dreams? Or memories?


     One lifetime, bleeds into another. Synchronicities, dreams, visions, meditations,               and relationships force Sara to reexamine her reality. The farther she falls into                   Egypt,  he the more she is pulled away from her secure but staid life in America.  


Would you give up everything to answer questions about your past? Would you leave the world you know to meet an inexplicable yearning? If you are like Sara, you would follow your heart to discover the hidden story. Sara’s journey offers illumination not only of her own life, but our world. As the stories of Sara, her husband Thomas, and her guide Amir bind together through time, we learn of the healing power of forgiveness and the reality of reincarnation.


Their last adventure together is a wake-up call—a warning that Sekhmet is ready and willing to enact Ra’s threat if we do not find healing, reconciliation, and commitment to join together to heal and help our planet. As Thomas, Amir, and Sara awaken to a new consciousness, a new way of being together, and a new life focus, we see that this is a story about our future.


There are actually three stories going on here.

Story One: It is loosely based upon the life of Iput who lived during The Old Kingdom in ancient Egypt. She was the daughter of Unas, the last 5th Dynasty pharaoh, and the wife of the pharaoh Teti who began the 6th Dynasty. If you appreciate the idea of reincarnation and love Egypt, I think you will enjoy this book.

It is a story about a modern-day woman who is called to leave her safe life in the States and seek answers to why she keeps having memories of her past life as the daughter of the pharaoh Unas, as well as an initiate priestess of Hathor at Dendera. Finally determined to investigate these memories, she comes to Egypt to resolve what has now become an obsession. She also discovers that her past life as Iput also involve her guide Amir, and her husband Thomas. In fact, they share three incarnations together: the past, the present, and the future.

This is also a story about the healing power of reconciliation and forgiveness no matter what lifetime the wounding occurs in.

Story Two: Sara’s own healing takes place as she visits the temples along the Nile and at Saqqara and Luxor. She encounters the healing powers of the gods and goddesses, and the temples, sites, and tombs of ancient Egypt.

Story Three: And while all of this is going on, Sara discovers that she has another past life in the far ancient past as a priestess who scribes a scroll hidden for posterity in a cave in Egypt. In it there is information about our true ancestors and how the human race came to be, the value of the Pyramid Texts found at Saqqara in Unas’s and Teti’s tombs, and a final warning for humankind involving the lion goddess Sekhmet.

All of this information comes to her through spontaneous memories, visions, dreams, and meditations and is verified by the experiences that her guide and husband have. The outcome is surprising even to me as I wrote this novel, which I have been working for since 2010 and I am absolutely thrilled that its birth is approaching.


Launch News and a Special Offering for You

I hope you will enjoy this book. If you choose to buy it, and if you like it, I would like to ask you if you would be willing to write a review for me on Amazon. If you are willing to do so, I would love to treat you to a tree reading or tarot reading. The tree reading, I can write out and email to you, and  the tarot we could do via Zoom, Your choice. Just let me know when you have completed the review and a way to contact you. I am at


My Other Projects

I have spent my time writing, writing, and writing. So, I am finally getting my projects completed. I just finished my third book on the Celtic tree alphabet and Llewellyn has agreed to publish it. It is called The Last Ten Ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet. It will be out in the fall of 2021. So that is great news. I am happy with my work and with these teachings and feel that this is my final book on the subject.

In the meantime, I have created my own collage tarot cards and have written up what I have discovered about them in the thirty or so years that I have been reading them. I have finally created all 72 cards. This has been a lovely creative project and it had helped me to say sane in these rather insane times.

In the background comes another book about conversations with beings that live in a parallel yet safe magical universe. Unicorns, dragons, fairies, giants, elves and nomes, as well as the little forest creatures and birds—have been willing to share their wisdom. I always feel renewed when I take the time to tune in to these beings. More to come later about this new work…


A Question:

I get a lot of questions about which are the correct dates to follow in the Celtic tree calendar. There are actually two versions of this calendar, the Beth-Luis-Nuin version which begins On January 24th, close to the Winter Solstice, and the Beth-Luis-Fearn version which begins on the day after Samhain, November 1st.  Besides starting at different points in the turning of the wheel, they also have a different order.

I use the Samhain Beth-Luis-Fearn version myself. But if you are more familiar with the version that begins in January, and you want to figure out which is your birth tree, you can choose either version and choose the tree that feels more like you or you can opt to have two birth trees. One way to look at that you can have the support of two special trees. I don’t think you can say one is wrong and one is right. After all the calendar is a modern adaption of what we know about the alphabet and its use, and we have very little actual information available to us because the Celts did not write down their wisdom, and they passed it on by rote memorization and word of mouth.

And many folks do not match a tree to a date but follow the teachings. I think you just has to follow your own intuition here and use the calendar that works for you or let go of the timing all together.


As for The Trees:

We are now working with Oak month, and then with the protective Holly. She is all about justice, equanimity, balance, and working with duality. Think the twins, and Gemini.

I always take my books out and reread the sections to remind me of their teachings. Perhaps you will want to do the same.

I also think about the teachings of the Aspen and the Poplar because we are going through such difficult times and we don’t know how things are going to turn out. These two trees represent the 19th ogham of the alphabet, Eadha and the vowel E. Their teaching is all about how to deal with adversity. They teach patience, endurance, and remind us that all cycles gradually return to begin a new cycle. All situations have a beginning and an end.

This feels like the teaching we need right now. I come up against so many different emotions and I am sure you do too. Sometimes I face boredom. I feel sadness and deep sorrow, grief and despair for all of us. I am fearful about the future. Some days more than others I feel frustration, irritation and rage. Loneliness.

Some days I am hopeful and creative. Other days I find I am discouraged, distracted, and unable to do much. I think the best approach is to accept all of these feelings and be kind to yourself as you move from moment to moment.

Aspen and Poplar offer a strong sense of perseverance, courage, strength, and resolve. Success and victory are promised. Listen to the messages from the leaves of these trees as the wind moves through them. If you are having a lot of fear, go sit and place your back against one of these trees. You will be stabilized and strengthened.

I am glad that the planet is getting some time to renew itself. Taking a vacation from humans. The animals seem to really be enjoying it.


Thank you:

That’s it from my corner of the world. Would love to hear back from you as to how you are doing. Stay strong out there and cultivate patience. I know this hasn’t been a virtue that is supported much in our busy rat race culture. But now perhaps it will be. Be kind to yourself when you are having strong emotions and feel that you can’t cope, go back to deep breathing. This will pass like storms do and try not to judge your entire life on a bad moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and interest. Maybe I will begin classes again on Zoom once I get this launch complete. Thank you for your support in advance! Writing saved my life this last year, and I am grateful that I am able to share these writings with you.


I wish you peace and health and joy. Sending My Best, Sharlyn


Newsletter #28: Fall 2019

Thank you to all who purchased my book. I am thrilled to share it with  you.

As far as the launch went, we did get Best New Release during the week of July 8th under Druidism and Celtic Religion. We got close to my goal. We received #2 Best Seller under Druidism, and #4 Best Seller under Celtic Religion. Maybe not #1, but I am pleased, and I thank you so very much for your participation in my book launch.

I have a request. If you like the book would you mind writing a review of it on Amazon? It always helps with sales for new buyers to check out what others say about a new book. Thank you in advance if this is something you can do.

I had a lovely early Samhain ceremony last night straight from the chapter in my book on the Koad and the Grove, The Day, and Samhain. There are two ways you can celebrate the 31st. Either as the last day of the Celtic Tree Calendar known as The Day, or as the last celebration of the 8 sabbaths that mark the Turning of the Wheel called Samhain (sow-in.) At Samhain, we choose to honor our dear loved ones with gratitude and light. We had a great time. This is a time of year to let go, to appreciate, and to honor the ancestors. I hope my book will be helpful to those who are looking for some direction into this time of year from the Celtic perspective.

I am also thinking about taking a group to Ireland perhaps in 2021. If this is something you might like, let me know. I think it would be fantastic. We would use our time in Ireland to connect with the spirits of the land.

I hope the fall finds you well. I hope you find comfort in the changing of the cycles. Perhaps it is as easy to let go of our struggles and worries as it is for the trees to let go of their leaves…

Sending this letter with love, Sharlyn


 Newsletter #27: June 2019

Hello and greetings from Seattle. I am just home from a two and half week visit to Ireland, beautiful green magical Ireland! It was so awesome to connect with the Irish trees and find that the source of the Tree Alphabet and Ogham resides in Ireland. I met folks who are interested in these tree teachings and are immersed in studying them. That was so very fun for me!

And just being in nature was everything after recovering from my Cipro poisoning. I got stronger physically every day. Just to be in the presence of the elementals of nature, and the fairies, and to visit the glens, the ocean and rivers, the cliffs, the wells, and the caves…. So much magic. I feel refreshed and renewed and humbled by this place, its kind people, and its ways. Loved seeing wind machines on the horizon and everyone seems to be a farmer with small herds of sheep and cows grazing on green grass. It is done so humanely, and the people have a deep respect and care well for their animals. The people are funny and kind and generous. And the landscape and the trees and the birds all live within the misty rains that keep it so very green and fresh. I learned a lot in a short time and am so very grateful.

I am proud to announce that my next book: Celtic Tree Rituals: Ceremonies for the Thirteen Moon Months and a Day through Llewellyn, will be available July 8, 2019. If you are interested in buying this book, I am asking if you would consider buying it on July 9 to help me get a the number one ranking under the Celtic or Druid categories that day, which really helps sales. Here is the link:

If you do buy the book on this date, please email me and I will schedule a tree reading for you in gratitude. We can skype or if you prefer, I can write it out for you and send to your email. When I do a Tree Readings I tune into a tree and share a message for you that is relevant for your life. I would be so appreciative if you would consider buying this book. It has tree rituals, and personal stories of my work with the unseen realm that has offered such lovely wisdom and healing.

Always in my ceremonies I include guided imagery—what is called journeying or guided meditation. Why? It is the fastest way to connect with the unconscious, the doorway into the magic, the heart door to the mysteries. It isn’t complicated or hard to do. Try this journey from the apple ceremony. The purpose is to connect with your own bounty. What is it that you most desire? What do you want to create? Here is a mediation for the Apple tree ceremony in my new book:

“Imagine yourself on a summer day in a grove of Apple trees The sun is bright and the sky is blue There is a gentle breeze and you can smell the blossoms of the trees and hear the buzzing bees as they gather nectar the birds are chirping above, greeting you as you walk through the grove.

From the edge of the grove emerges the Priestess of Apples. As she walks toward you, you see that she is dressed in a golden gown and she wears a crown of fresh apple blossoms upon her head. She is full of abundance, and has rosy cheeks, lovely red lips and flowing hair. She walks up to you and greets you with incredible warmth and affection. She holds the most beautiful apple in her hand.

Still smiling, she reaches down and withdraws a magical amethyst knife from the sash at her waist. She deftly cuts the apple in half and then places the knife back into her sash. She holds both halves in from of you and suggests the you pick a seed. She explains to you that this seed represents a choice. This choice represents your greatest dreams and desires. Without thinking too much you simply choose a seed.

She smiles very pleased with your choice. She also acknowledges that any choice is a good one. She asks you to dig a little hole and plant your seed into this magical ground. After you have done so, she hands you a little jug of water and suggests that you water your tree.

Your tree begins to burst through the earth and grow. You take a step back to give your tree the room it needs to grow. Right before your very eyes, your tree begins to grow until it is fully grown.

Take a moment to see your fully-grown tree. As you consider this magical apple tree, you see and understand your heart’s desire. You may see this as words, or images, or visions. Or you may have a strong sense of knowing about what this tree represents for you. Based upon your choice, your magical apple tree is the symbol for your own longing. Take a moment to really take in the message of your tree.

It is time to return. Give your gratitude to your tree and to the beautiful Priestess of Apples, to her magic, and the Apple grove. Return to this room and this place and take a moment to fully ground before you open your eyes.”

When you are complete write in your journal. What was the seed that you chose? What did your fully-grown tree represent? What was its’ message to you? Are you willing to take this journey seriously and take steps towards manifesting your own longing? The dryad of the apple supports you! You are the fulfillment of your own ancestor’s dreams. Are you willing?

The ceremonies, guided meditations, and tree teachings within my new book offer you many tree doorways into your own heart. I offer these as a prayer towards holding the earth sacred and honoring all life.  Working with the trees will change you. I bid you a bountiful summer and send you the message that you are a bright blessing here in the world with your own specific energy and blueprint of purpose.

It is with gratitude that I thank you for your support and encouragement.
I send bright summer blessings to each of you. Sharlyn

Newsletter # 26: Winter 2019: Not available

Newsletter # 25: Fall 2018

Alchemical Healing Arts & Sharlyn Hidalgo 

Hello Dear Friends,

I just got back from a road trip through Washington, Oregon, and as far south in California as Carmel.  My husband and I had a great time visiting with our daughter who just began law school at Berkeley and we also have wonderful friends and family that we visited with. Lovely. And yet always nice to come home to Seattle and gentle rain.

I am planning an Alchemical Healing II class in Seattle soon. Let me know if you are interested. Email me at

My beautiful new book will be out in June. It has a ritual for each tree of the Celtic Tree Calendar as well as a ceremony for each of the eight holy holidays. Also included is a personal story for each chapter that highlight my own experiences with the themes and teachings of the trees. I am happy to share these stories as an encouragement for you to follow your own heart when it comes to spirituality, and to demonstrate the loving power and healing offered to us from other dimensions, the unseen realm, and via our ancestors and loved ones that have passed through the veil. I will send you a date in June to buy the book on Amazon. If everyone who wants to purchase this book buys it one the same day, it ups the ratings and makes the book more visible. Thank you in advance!  I will let you know.

My mentor Nicki Scully will be offering a free class through the Shift Network and I wanted to let you know about it. She is fabulous and is a master of the Egyptian mysteries and shamanic healing.

Experience Egyptian shamanism thru its powerful deities...

FREE event reveals healing mysteries of this ancient civilization

Are you intrigued by the healing magic of ancient Egypt? And by shamanism, with its sacred practices that can transform your life in deep and lasting ways?

There’s a compelling shamanic path you may not know about… Egyptian shamanism, which brings us powerful alchemical practices for drawing from the wisdom and healing energies of this ancient civilization.

In fact, through the practice of Egyptian shamanism, you can remember your true nature as a divine human with sacred purpose… and so much more.

On Wednesday, October 17, renowned author and teacher of Egyptian mysteries, Nicki Scully, will help you dip into the alchemical ways of the Egyptian mysteries to help you remember and reactivate your vital life force during a FREE video event: Discover Egyptian Shamanism: Awakening the Deities Hathor, Sekhmet, Isis & Thoth Within You.

You can register here:

During this fascinating 60 minutes steeped in Egyptian magic and lore, you’ll:

·  Learn a Heart Breath practice, which ignites your soul’s fire and places you at the center point between matter and spirit, between Earth and Sky

·  Experience the love and joy of Hathor within you, and learn how it can radiate from you to help heal others

·  Receive the compassion of Isis as you experience merging with her and gestating the mysterious, magical egg that is part of a shamanic rite of passage

·  Receive cleansing and purification from Sekhmet to help transform your inner conflicts in a shamanic alchemical process

·  Participate in your evolution as Thoth creates a new blueprint for your future renewed body for transforming and creating new DNA

When you join Nicki for this complimentary mini-workshop, she will guide you in aligning with the life-transformative energies of these ancient deities so that you can receive their gifts and knowledge through direct experience.

You’ll discover how you can access their wisdom in your daily life to transform challenges — from health to work to relationships and more!

Register now:

P.S. If you’d like to be guided on a mini-journey connecting you with the wisdom of ancient Egypt through the potent archetypal energies of deities Hathor, Sekhmet, Isis, and Thoth, don’t miss: Discover Egyptian Shamanism: Awakening the Deities Hathor, Sekhmet, Isis & Thoth Within You.

RSVP for free, here:

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

 I hope you will enjoy this free class. I highly recommend it! Thanks as always for your interest in my work. Sending each of you love and light, Sharlyn

Newsletter #24: Summer 2018

Alchemical Healing Arts & Sharlyn


Hello Dear Friends,

So nice to connect again with you. I am enjoying the summer in the Pacific Northwest although for the last few days our atmosphere in Seattle is full of haze from the smoke due to the fires in Washington, Oregon, and California. I feel for all the trees and flora, the forest animals, and all the people who have lost their homes, some their lives. I ask that you send your prayers.

It is with great sadness that I inform you that my great mentor, Mr. Mohamed Nazmy passed away on August 13, 2018 from a debilitating stroke he suffered in February. I miss him terribly as he taught me to open my heart and trust myself, moving past fear to joy.  He owned the company that took care of my groups in Egypt and he opened the country up to us like no other. His children will continue to run Quest and provide their sailing boat the Afandina for their tours. I wish them every success. If you want to learn more about his life and work in Egypt, you can find the book that I wrote about him on amazon. Nazmy- Love is my Religion: Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace. Jean Houston wrote a wonderful foreword.

As for me I am much better after my year long struggle with Cipro toxicity. I am not 100% but I am getting stronger every day. I have taught classes this past year in tarot and Alchemical Healing, so it feels like I am getting back on the horse. 

I will have a new book out in June with Llewelyn entitled Celtic Tree Rituals: Ceremonies for the Thirteen Moon Months and a Day. This book has a ritual for each of the 15 trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar plus one for each of the 8 sacred holidays in the Wheel of the Year as well as stories for each based on my work with the unseen realm. I am very excited to share these with the world.

I am hoping to get to Ireland next May. It feels like my work will be more in the British Isles and less in Egypt. Although I am finishing up a historical fiction entitled The Daughter of Unas: Past Loves in Egypt.  I hope to find a publisher and also get healthy so I can travel again.

This is just a short little hello and catch up. Would love to hear from you and what is on your minds and hearts.

Love, Sharlyn

Newsletter #23: Spring 2018


Spring is here in Seattle and I am loving it.  I am almost fully recovered from bad side-affects from the anti-biotic Cipro. The last nine months have been about healing for me. After a UTI I took only 2 Cipro pills a day for 3 days. The side-affects came slowly, after about a month I started having extreme muscle, tendon, and ligament pain as well as severe burning and itching and numbness in my hands and feet (neuropathy.)  Soon I was unable to walk. My thyroid stopped working and I developed mono because my immune system went haywire. I spent months on the couch trying to keep my mind in the right place and encouraging my body to heal as I detoxed and rebuilt my muscular system. My naturopath who had dealt with this before helped me with iv infusions and lots of supplements. My acupuncturist who had dealt with this before treated me weekly and helped with the neuropathy which is better but not gone. Unfortunately, most medical doctors don’t have a clue how to treat for these side-affect. It has really been a crazy time for me since May, but I am finally getting back on my feet. And I am grateful.  I can walk, and I can move, and I have my brain back. Yahoo!

Because my healing crises began right after I returned from Egypt in May, I almost forgot that I led a group there and that I was able to stay in that beautiful land for three weeks. It was wonderful to see my friend Mohamed Nazmy and all the folks who work for Quest Travel. it was lovely to reconnect with the people I love and the land that is so full of ancient teaching.   I had an amazing group and the sites and monuments did not disappoint us. We all had enlightening experiences and every temple opened to us for ceremony and meditation and song. We were so happy! My husband and daughter came as well as my brother and two of his daughters as well as old friends and new. It was delightful. It is good to recall this amazing journey.

My sad news it that my beloved Mohamed Nazmy had a stroke in February and has been in the hospital. We are all praying for his recovery.  His daughter Nancy and his son Marawan as well as all his employees have been helping to run the tours with the same love and efficiency.  They have been keeping things running smoothly.  We are all so sad about this. My heart is broken. I think of him every day and am so grateful that he shared his life story with me so that I could share it with all of you.


I continue to offer tree readings as well as tarot and astrology and healing sessions. Let me know if you are interested in any of these. I taught a Tarot class in January and we went over the major arcana. It was quite fun. I would like to do another class in April and teach about the minor arcana. It will be a Saturday, either the 21st or the 28th. Let me know if you are interested.


My friend Irene Ingalls will be leading a trip in March of 2019. I highly recommend her as a leader. She co-led with me in 2014. I can put you in touch with her if you are interested. Just email me. I probably will run my next tour in 2020.

Alchemical Healing I and II

Alchemical Healing is an energetic healing process that involves working with guides, deities, and totems. I recommend Nicki Scully’s book: Alchemical Healing: A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine. Let me know if you’re are interested in these classes.

The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys through the Celtic Tree Calendar

My book continues to sell well on Amazon. I am so grateful that so many of you have enjoyed it. I am preparing to publish a companion book with Llewelyn called Ceremonies and Stories with the Celtic Tree Calendar. We have just begun the process.  The ceremonies will allow you to connect with each tree in a meaningful way, and I have also included a ceremony for each of the eight holidays within the Wheel of the Year. The stories are about my interactions with the healing power of the tree spirits and the totems, guides, and deities that love and support them.  I am excited to share the impact that the unseen realm has had on my life

Celtic Tree Oracle

My set of 25 cards of the tree alphabet and guidebook is available on Amazon. The cards entitled Celtic Tree Oracle are published with Blue Angel Publishers.  They are just beautiful, and I am so happy for their creation. They offer such a lovey way to connect with the trees and become more familiar with their teachings and healing.

Nazmy – Love Is My Religion: Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace 

This is truly an inspiring story. Jean Houston has written a lovely foreword and many teachers such as Gregg Braden and Nicki Scully have a chapter—as they have worked with my Mohamed Nazmy for years. The heart of this book is about how we can all create peace where ever we live and who ever we are. Mr. Nazmy is a wonderful model and mentor to so many and he encourages love, open hearts, and open minds. The stories about Egypt are always so inspiring and amazing.

 I want to thank so many of you who have already bought this book. For those of you are still interested in buying a copy, you can buy it from me. Just email me at The book is $19.95 plus the shipping cost of $3.22 in the US. If you live in Canada or need it sent internationally let me know and I will quote you the postage. I will give you information on where to send me your check. The paperback and the e-book are also available on Amazon.

Thank You

I want to thank each of you who has shown an interest in my work. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. I am grateful for you and the community that we represent together.

 Sending love and wishing you the very best!

Bright Blessings, Sharlyn Hidalgo


Newsletter #22

December 2016

Hello Dear Friends, 

         I am so happy to reconnect. What a whirlwind the last few months have been.

         I have had to do a lot of grounding and deep breathing. I hope you know that 

         our healing work is essential to our earth and to all our relations. We can help

          each other to stay strong and to protect life.  Please do not feel small and

         alone, as we strengthen each other and strengthen our resolve to live in 

         peace and to protect our mother and life on this planet. I have been through 

         all the stages of grief, over, and over again, and come back to being ready for

         action.  Stay strong. Stay in your power. If you can’t give your time, give your

         money. Support the causes that matter to you. Even a few dollars helps…

         New Plans: I have a few things coming up to tell you about:


         Celtic Tree Oracle: My Celtic Tree cards are coming out in January in 

         Australia, and in the US in June.  I am really excited to have  

         these Celtic tree teachings more accessible and available for you all.




       Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle: I will be teaching a three-

         hour workshop for the Woman of Wisdom Conference on February 20th,      

         Monday, at 9:30 am. I am excited to share the teachings of the trees. The    

         conference is being held at North Seattle Community College.  Here is the link

         for signing up:     

               You can listen to my radio spot about my work and this workshop from with

         the founder of Women of Wisdom, Kris Steinnes.

         Here is the link so that you can listen. It is from 1:30 pm on Friday, December            9th.,16.html



I'm excited to be presenting a workshop for this special silver anniversary of WOW and I hope you will join me! 

25th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference

Remember Who You Are

Honoring Ourselves We Heal Our World

February 16 - 20, 2017

Monday, February 20th 9:00am - 12:30pm

Sharlyn Hidalgo

Celtic Circle ~ Wisdom Teachings from the Trees                         

Walk in the footsteps of the ancient ancestors of the British Isles and tune into the sacred power and ancient wisdom of the trees. Explore Celtic Cosmology and learn about the Celtic Wheel of the Year. We will learn the trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, Alphabet, and their deities, totems, and guides. We will sit in a sacred circle with drumming, singing, and sharing while learning how to cultivate relationships with these grand energetic beings experiencing their healing, guidance and wisdom. Take a journey to the Nuin Ash to experience the healing power of this tree.  Attendees will need journal, pen, colored markers or pencils, and can bring drums and rattles.

Sharlyn Hidalgo, MA is the author of The Healing Power of Tree: Spiritual Journeys through the Celtic Tree Calendar and Nazmy- Love is My Religion: Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace. Her Celtic Tree Oracle Cards are currently being published with Blue Angel Publications. Her work embraces the divine feminine and the ancient wisdom schools of the British Isles and Egypt. She is a certified teacher and practitioner of Nicki Scully's Alchemical Healing. Sharlyn is a healer, teacher, artist, author, ritualist, tarot reader and astrologer.  She leads spiritual journeys to Egypt. 

WOW is one of the longest running women's spirituality conferences. Since 1993 WOW has been providing a unique, intimate setting for women to create lasting change in their lives and in the world.    


  "There is nothing like this in the world."

Jean Houston 


        Nazmy – Love Is My Religion: 

        Egypt, Travel, and a Quest for Peace

         Thank you for all the support to so many of you who have helped me get this

         book published and get our beloved Mohamed Nazmy’s story out into the 

         world. This is truly an inspiring story. This project has taken five years and has

         been quite the adventure. Jean Houston has written a lovely foreword and

         many teachers such as Gregg Braden and Nicki Scully have a chapter as they

         have worked with my friend Mohamed Nazmy for a long time. The book is

         about how we can all create peace where ever we live and who ever we are.

         Mr. Nazmy is a wonderful mentor to so many and he encourages love, open 

         hearts, and open minds. And the stories about Egypt are always so inspiring

         and amazing. I hope you will enjoy this book as it is a work from the heart.

         The e-book is available and the paperback book are available on Amazon.

         Or You can buy it from me. Just email me at

         Or you can order it on my website with at 

         Or you can purchase the book through my publisher Maureen St Germain’s 

         website. The link is: 


                Alchemical Healing

         I was so excited to work on stage with Nicki Scully when she was here in 

         Seattle in July with Bruce Lipton. This work is so powerful and the healing is

         profound for the healer and for the one seeking the healing. I am ready to set

         up a series of AH I, II, and III. Let me know if you are interested.


         Thank You  

                I want to thank each of you who has asked to be on my newsletter list. I am  

         so grateful for your support and interest. I am grateful for you and the 

         community that we represent together.

         Sending love and wishing you the very best!

         Bright Blessings, Sharlyn Hidalgo

Newsletter #16

December, 2014

Greetings to each of you! This time of year is great for solitude and quiet reflection. Take a moment to review your     year and to give yourself a pat on the back for all of your accomplishments. We usually don’t take the time to really receive the love for all that we have done in the last year and for all of the growth and personal change that challenge and opportunity has brought to us. We live in such intense times that I congratulate you for keeping hope alive! This is also a great time to let go of that what you didn’t get to, or perhaps that which was difficult. It is time to make a  clean sweep and start anew with the energy of the returning sun and a brand new year of blessings and renewal.

As for me, I went to Egypt two times, once to revisit my friends there and once to lead my second tour.  I am so           grateful for all of those travelers who went with me and my co-leader Irene Ingalls. We had such a soul centered and open-hearted experience. We were safe and well taken care.

I completed the  manuscript for my book about my good friend in Egypt who has prepared the spiritual journeys for  so many new thought teachers who travel and teach there. The book is entitled Nazmy – Love is My Religion: Egypt,Travel, and a Quest for Peace. Mohamed’s work is about creating peace through travel and he has quite a story. This book will be out in February and I will send out the date and details about buying it. It is a truly  inspiring story. It will   be amazing to get this out as I have been working on this project since 2010.  I am over the  moon excited!

I am also happy to announce that there will be Celtic Tree Oracles Cards coming out. I am currently working with a     publishing company out of Australia. I will also let you know when these cards will be available. They will be a great     addition to the teachings of the trees in my book: The Healing Power of trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the CelticTree Calendar.As for my state of mind, I feel calm and grateful. And yet I find that I am not pushing myself as hard,  but  enjoying  seeing what enfolds. I take more deep breaths and allow myself the time I need to feel into situations  and to mend fences where I can.  I am also so grateful to all of you who have supported me and have enjoyed my  work. I couldn’t  do any of it without your appreciation and your interest.  Let’s stay in our hearts together, keep the  peace and hope a live, and let go of the thinking that gets us into so much turmoil and disturbance. 

Sending love and light to each of you, Sharlyn

February 2014

Newsletter #15





Hello Dear Friends,


It is quite lovely to connect with you again. I am having an awesome winter. I began exercising again: Zumba, body pump, and walking for 30 minutes a day. I have finally gotten off the couch and it feels great.


I got a new cat from paws and am enjoying her so much, although I haven’t thought of a name yet!  She is three years old and very fluffy. She is also a sweet heart.


And I am in the market for a new house. So I do feel the energy of the Chinese Year of the wooden horse, and the momentum is strong. It is great to finally be able to move and to flow again.


The Saille Willow is the ruler of this portal that falls from January 24th through February 20th.  And Imbolg also called Candlemas falls on Feb. 2nd. This is a great time to strengthen your intention to create a relationship with spirit and to also begin new creative pursuits. This is the Celtic holiday that honors Bridget, the maiden quality of regeneration. She brings in hope and new energy as we prepare for spring. She has to do with everything creative. She is our inner fire, our enthusiasm, and our joy. Light a candle on Sunday the 2nd to honor SHE that lives within. Find a willow tree in your neighborhood and visit with her. She teaches lessons in flexibility, the power of cooperation, shared power, receptivity, and intuition. She teaches us to listen to our emotions and be kind to ourselves and others. She is the teacher of the heart.


Alchemical Healing I with Sharlyn Hidalgo, MA

Friday Evening, Feb. 28: 7 – 9 pm

Saturday and Sunday, Mar.1 and 2: 10 am - 5pm


I am pleased to offer another round of Alchemical Healing. I hope those of you who have been asking for these teachings will be able to join me. It has been a while since I have offered this class so I am excited to share this amazing healing form with you. Please email me for more information if you are interested.


Alchemy is the process of turning the base substance of what we are - the dark mystery of our subconscious - into the alchemical gold of knowledge and enlightenment.  Alchemical Healing developed by Nicki Scully is a comprehensive healing form that provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to retrieve knowledge, and to skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation.  It honors the accumulated wisdom of Earth and humankind from written and oral traditions, and it permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge.  Learn diverse and innovative techniques that are practical and applicable in today’s world for physical healing and therapeutic counseling.  All people who desire self-healing and who want to increase their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience.  Sharlyn is certified by Nicki to teach this work.

Level I includes:

*Fire Mist Shower Empowerment   *Opening of the hands and third eye

*Healing with the Elements   *Distant Healing   *Ethics   * The Four Rules

*X ray Vision   *Forgiveness as an Alchemical Process   *and More…


Fee: $300/$150 to retake

Location: My home in Seattle

Text: Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully

There are opportunities for time payments if the cost is more than you can handle all at one time.


Alchemical Healing II with Sharlyn Hidalgo, MA

Friday Evening, March 7: 7 – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9: 10am – 5pm


In Alchemical Healing II we go into more depth. We work with our spirit helpers and the etheric realm of our plant and tree helpers. You will begin to understand how this practice works and how you can use it in your life. We will begin to work with Akasha, or pure spirit.


Level II includes:                                                                                      

*The Caduceus Empowerment   *Animal Totems

*Archetypes and Deities   *Plant Spirits 

*Working with and developing your own healing team   *Introduction to Akasha 

*Scanning, taking out energy, and replacing it with universal life energy

*The Electro-Magnetic Current Initiation.

*Demonstrations of healing    *Opportunities to practice   *and More…


Fee: $300/$150 to retake.

Location: My home in Seattle.

Text: Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully If this is too soon for you to continue after completing AH I. I will be offering II again in the spring. There are opportunities for time payments if the cost is more than you can handle all at one time.


Announcing the Journey of a Life Time in Egypt


Consider this an invitation to travel with me in Egypt from September 6 through 20 in 2014. Many groups are traveling again and my friend Mohamed Nazmy and his travel company is eager to take care of us. Irene Ingalls will be co-leading with my and she is an amazing sound healer and artist. She will share light language with us along with her singing bowls. The tour is for 14 days and we will have 9 fantastic days on Mr. Nazmy’s floating palace, the Afandina, as we visit the ancient spiritual sites along the Nile. We will have alone time in many temples and tombs. Email me and I will send you a flyer, and an itinerary.  There is room for 18 of us, and believe me, this trip is beyond words. Won’t you join us on this magical mystical tour to Egypt?


Egypt Presentation: If you are interested in seeing slides of our previous journeys to Egypt and also hear a presentation and you are in the Seattle area come join us. The date is Saturday, March 22nd, 7:30 pm, in Fremont at Irene’s house. Please rsvp and I will send you the address and the directions if you so need! It’s a great way to connect with fellow travelers and ask all of your questions!


More Newsletter:


I wish each of you light and joy. Thank you again for your interest in my work which I do so appreciate.  Let me know if I can help you in any way as we move ahead towards spring. This has been such a cold winter for so many of us, even in the south.  It will be good to move away from the storms and the snow and the ice.


I had a lot of fun reading tarot for various groups this month. I had forgotten how very powerful tarot can be in sparking people to remember that their life is precious and truly theirs to live.


And yesterday I was blessed to meet with my co-leader Irene, journey within, and visit a special place in Egypt called Sakarra that houses the Pyramid Texts. These texts are really a description of how to travel to the stars, commune with the gods and goddesses and imperishable souls, and then return to earth and share that spiritual information in our lives.  Our astral adventure was like getting a soul shower, and a refreshing meal of spiritual food and drink.  Even when we can’t get physically to Egypt we can travel their internally. Egypt is a state of mind and opens the heart and mind.


I also got to meet with a new group yesterday in which we state our intentions and share our prayers. We pray as we have been taught through religious science which believes that the universe responds to our needs and wants and desires.  Such prayers are called mind treatments. Let me know if you are interested in learning about this form of prayer that works so well with manifestation. 


My intention and prayer at this time is to have a full group to take to Egypt in the fall. It is also my desire to be of service and to practice peace every moment of my life. I am grateful to have the support I need. If you feel that you need more support in your life, email me and I can share some ideas.


Thanks for all that you do in the world. Love, Sharlyn


December Newsletter 2013

Hello, Dear Readers, I send heart felt greetings your way and happy holiday  wishes. Thank you again for your support and interest in my work. As a gift to you I offer this tree reading for the season:

I am the spirit of the Willow Tree and I come today to remind you of your flexibility and your ability to feel. Some say that feelings are a burden and troublesome. I am here to remind you that they are a blessing and that they lead you to compassion. When you are having a difficult emotion, I remind you to look to your thoughts. Your troublesome thoughts drive your difficult emotion. Change your thought and your emotion will change. It really is that easy. By noticing your feelings you can gage your thinking, and alter your course, just as if you were driving your car.

The willow loves water, and emotion. All of your emotions are like your children. Treat them with respect and listen to them. That is all they need. If you keep shoving them below ground they will grow in strength and drive your behavior. There is nothing to do but to feel them and acknowledge them. Then work with your thoughts. Rigid beliefs and thinking is the problem. Choose flexibility. Choose understanding and look at things from a higher perspective. You may not have all the facts about a situation or person.

I am about the feminine principle of magnetics, attraction, forgiveness, and care. I am like honey, and I can help you to create a sweet aura that is attractive to others and helps you as you go about your life. I am here to remind you to cultivate your sweetness and join with others to build your own community. At your hearts you are tribal and it is important to build communities of love and support. Perhaps this is the year that you seriously build your own hive, and use it to carry out important dreams and helpful endeavors. I am here to help in this.

I represent the goddess and unity; the unconditional expression of love and appreciation.  Be with me as I drape down around you and hold you in my loving arms. Let your difficult feeling flow down into my roots where I can share the energy with mother earth, and we can recycle it into something useful.  Let it flow. Let your tears flow,this is useful to you as a release.

Slow down and breathe deeply.  Slow down and feel what you feel, and then let it go.   I as a representative of all of the Willows I send you love and joy and harmony. I send you laughter and friendship. Now, go share the love!

New Offerings:

The Last 10 Trees of the Celtic Alphabet:  Just having completed a year long study of the Celtic Tree Calendar which includes the first 15 trees of the alphabet, I am ready to offer a study of the last ten trees of the Celtic Alphabet. We will work with the teachings of:

#16: Ailim Silver Fir: The Solar New Year

#17: Ohn Furze: The Spring Equinox

#18: Ur Heather: The Summer Solstice

#19: Eadha White Poplar: The Fall Equinox

#20: Ioho Yew: The Winter Solstice

#21: The Koad Grove: The Day

#22: Oir Spindle: Candlemas

#23: Uilleand Honeysuckle: Beltane

#24: Phagos Beech: Lammas

#25: Mor the Sea: The Celtic New Year

We will study 2 trees for each session and meet twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays except for January.  Class begins

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 7 - 9 pm.  This class will run through March. You will learn about the teachings of the tree, its totems, its ogham, and its astrology. You will also learn about ceremony, guided meditation, and the healing properties of each tree. Price: $175

September 6-20, 2014: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Egypt with Sharlyn Hidalgo and Irene Iris Ingalls. Irene is a wonderful sound healer and artist. She does amazing thing with light language. I am so happy to share our next trip which is slated for Sept. 6 – 20, 2014. Please email me for information if you are interested. Go to or

Tarot, Astrology and Tree Readings:                       

It may just be the time for another Tarot or Astrology update. I can do these via skype or phone if not in person. Everyone needs guidance from time to time, and this time of year is awesome for looking at our lives from a higher perspective. Remember too that these or an Alchemical Healing Session can be given as a Solstice or Christmas Gift. Tree Readings can offer you guidance as well and are inexpensive.  It is great to live at a time when we can so easily chat no matter where we live.


For those interested in a tarot class or astrology class let me know and I can make this happen for you. Please email me if you are interested in any of the classes below.

New Druid Apprenticeship Offered:

Beginning Thursday, December 12th: 7 – 9 pm. However you can join in January if you need to.  We will meet the 2nd Thursday of each month.

The 12 Month Druid Apprenticeship: We will work as a group and I will also work with you individually. In this apprenticeship you will learn about the tree teachings of each month's portal as well as:

  • Follow the Wheel of Life and participate in ceremonies and rituals    

  • Learn how to cast a circle and lead your own ceremonies for private spiritual work or group work

  • Participate in and learn to be comfortable with drumming,  singing, and chanting as a means of deepening our circle work if you so desire

  • Learn healing techniques

  • Learn about journeying and develop your own skill with this

  • Become familiar with totems, the elements, and the cycles of the light half and the dark half of the year and their energies

  • You will develop your own Druidic path for spiritual practice

You will also meet with me for 2 private sessions while I mentor your progress and you develop your own particular skills and talents. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month: 7 – 9:00 pm, $350.00.   This apprenticeship involves a commitment on your part to show up and participate.  Your 2 private one on one session will be booked at your convenience. Bonus: A free tree reading and invitations to solstice and equinox and cross-quarter ceremonies are included. Meetings: At my home in Seattle 

Alchemical Healing I and II: Many of you have been wondering about when I was going to begin a new Alchemical Healing series. I will begin I on Friday Evening Feb. 28: 7- 9, and Saturday and Sunday, March 1 and 2: 10–5 Fee: $300/$150 to retake

And II will be offered on the next weekend: Friday March 7th: 7 – 9, March 8th and 9th, 10 - 5 Fee: $300/$150 to retake Location: My home in Seattle.

Blessings to each of you, and thank you again for your interest and your support. With love, Sharlyn






Alchemical Healing Arts

Newsletter #12

Hi Everybody,

It’s great to write and say hello again. I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying autumn.  I want to give a special shout out to those of you who have newly joined my newsletter list, and I also want to thank those of you have been so loyal over time.

I had a really nice summer and took a vacation from work which was needed after so much expansion that I have experienced in the last six years. I have had alone time to work on my Celtic Tree Cards, an appendix to my tree book that includes ceremonies and stories, and a novel of historical fiction. It takes place in the Old Kingdom Dynasty of ancient Egypt and it is about the daughter of the Pharaoh Unas and her love for the Goddess Hathor.  I will take the rest of the fall to clean up all of these loose ends before I begin a new schedule. 

Unfortunately I had to cancel my Egypt Tour which had been set for September 27th, 2013. I have planned a new tour for Sept. 6th, 2014 and I hope that things will calm down enough for us to travel there again. I love my dear friends in Egypt and I am watching carefully as things evolve. I send my prayers for peace and understanding as they continue to go through these difficult birth pains.

If you are interested in this new trip let me know and I will email you more information. This time we will wait until 6 weeks before the trip to collect $ and to make flight arrangements so that we are sure that the trip is a go.


I am completing the first year of my Celtic apprenticeship program and it has been a joy to facilitate. We have gone through the tree teachings and each apprentice has grown so much. They have created their own Calling of the Directions and also their own Guided Journey and their own Ceremony. We have participated together in many healing ceremonies and experiences as we have worked our way through the Celtic Tree Calendar. I am so very happy with their progress and the way they have developed and embraced their own power of leadership as well as their connection to Source.

The next Celtic Apprenticeship begins November 1st.  We will meet once a month for the year of 2014. You can choose to meet with me via skype if you cannot come to my meetings in person in Seattle. I will send you more details if you are interested. I hope you will join me!
It may just be the time for another Tarot or Astrology update. I can these via Skype or phone if not in person.

Everyone needs guidance from time to time, and this time of year is awesome for looking at our lives from a higher perspective. Tree Readings can offer you guidance as well and are inexpensive.  It is great to live at a time when we can so easily chat no matter where we live.

Wishing you the very best, Sharlyn


Sharlyn Hidalgo’s Newsletter # 10, February

Dearest Friends,

I send you greetings from Seattle! I am well and business is good. I am ever happy and satisfied in offering healing services that I see brighten and encourage others. I want to thank each of you for your love and support! There is still room in some of my classes and groups. Please email me at for more information or go to my website at

The FIRST WEDNESDAY HEALER’S GROUP was really successful. We nailed down our offerings, times, dates, and place for doing our healing work and we offered each other lots of support for working towards our goals. We have room for more healers who want this support and coaching. We meet on again on March 6th. If you are interested please rsvp and if you would like a free healing please let me know. You will be happy you made the effort! Cost is $25 per meeting.

The SECOND WEDNESDAY DRUID APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM still has room in it. We meet again next Wednesday on February 13, and again on March 13. This is a year-long study program. I am really happy and enthused with this group as we follow the native European Wheel of the Year, and learn about ritual, ceremony, and a workable meaningful earth based spiritual practice. We are having lots of fun. There is still room to join us.

TAROT IN DEPTH CLASS: Monday afternoons:  noon – 2: Feb. 11, 18, 25 and Mar. 4. $100

SOLAR RETURN ASTROLOGY CLASS: Monday evenings: 7– 9, Feb. 11, 18, 25, and Mar. 4. $100

I am offering a MAGICAL MYSTICAL TOUR TO EGYPT: Sept. 27 – Oct. 11th, 2013. Email me for more information.

FEBRUARY SPECIALS: 10 % off of all services except the in depth Astrology reports.

My Candlemas/Imbolc Celebration was lovely and I want to thank each of you who came. We had a great ceremony. My next ceremony will be offered on Mar. 20th at 7 pm. Please rsvp if you would like to come to this VERNAL EQUINOX CELEBRATION. Also let me know if you would like a schedule of my other celebrations that will honor the holidays of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Again I know that many of you do not live in Seattle but if you would like to schedule a class with me we can do it over skype or the phone.  These forms of communication actually work very well.

I am almost complete with my e-book which is an addendum to The Healing Power of Trees and offers my personal stories about the trees along with ceremonies that honor the trees and the Celtic holidays. This book also includes The Dolphin Scrolls which are encouraging transmission from the etheric Dolphins. Let me know if you will want a copy. The cost will be $15.

FEBRUARY: This month is the portal for the Willow Tree (Jan. 24 – Feb. 20) and her totems are the bees for the collective and the idea of cooperative collaboration, and the dove which teaches us to create peace through our everyday words, actions, feelings, and thoughts. This is a good time to gather with others and make prayers for peace.

The Willow offers us time to consider the feminine principle of unconditional love, forgiveness, receptivity, and our emotional nature. She also asks us to honor the waters on the planet and our own cleansing tears.

There is a new book out by my friend Kathryn Ravenwood entitled How to Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices that you might find a most wonderful addition to your healing practices.  It is published by Bear & Company. Kathryn offers a practice from full moon to full moon that creates high vibration water that can be used to heal the waters of the planet.  Her story is wonderful.

The goddess of the Willow and this portal is Brigit, the maiden, who is our muse and encourages us to be creative and hopeful, innocent, and enthusiastic. She creates the spark of magic that causes the seed to begin to grow after its long winter’s nap, and she is the spark that lights our own inner fire and passions.

Make some time to light candles, listen to uplifting music, and make your prayers for the healing of the planet and all her relations.  Make some time for inner reflection, art or poetry, journal writing, and entering the silence where you can communicate with the small voice within and your own divinity for guidance. Brigit may come to you in a vision. Seek her council.

Then we enter the portal of the Ash Tree (Feb. 21- Mar. 20) and here we open to the energies of this “world tree.”  Her totems are the dolphin, and other sea creatures, the Hanged Man of the Tarot, and the Three Fates. The oracles are also honored. The Ash is also a water tree and the planet Neptune and the sign Pisces are honored. This is a time for guided meditation, journal writing, contacting oracles and guides and paying attention to your dreams.  The greatest teaching of this tree is unity consciousness. Seek higher dimensions of love and understanding and make time for spiritual groups and community ceremonies that encourage peace, love, and unity. Go within in silence.


I want to introduce you to Suzanne Regan Lentz who works in the south end of Capital Hill in Seattle.  I am including her flyer as an attachment. She is an awesome energy intuitive, healer, and herbalist and is a former student of mine.  

Her office is at Union Center for Healing, 2100 East Union Street, Seattle WA 98122

Sundays: 10am-5pm, Appointments can be made online at

(206) 240-2403,

etsy shop:


Jamie Luce who owns Cedar Wisdom Healing and Skincare is also a past student of mine and she uses a gentle healing approach. Jamie is a Reiki Master and Alchemical Healer and she works out of her home in Mukilteo for those of you in the north area of Seattle as well as Edmonds, Kenmore, Bothell, Mukilteo, or Everett. Jamie can be contacted at

She is available for 40 minute complementary phone sessions
on Mondays from 4pm-8pm PST. She is offering this free service as her give-away. This will be offered for a limited time, so take her upon it.
She also has openings for “in person sessions” for women clients in her home on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-8pm. Suggested donation $50 dollars for a 50 minute healing session or energy facial.

My 8th Newsletter: July, 2012

I am so glad to meet with you again and catch up. I got home at the end of May from leading my first tour to Egypt exploring the mysteries of ancient Egypt. I traveled with 13 others and we had a most glorious time. There is no place like it for stepping into mystical experiences that open the heart and offer rebirth, renewal, and a grand change in perspective. We had a chance to do ceremony and meditation in many of the temples privately while we traveled on a most luxurious dahabeya (sailing ship) called the Afandina. Sailing the Nile and attending to your own inner journey while visiting the ancient sites of Egypt is indeed a trip of a life time. I will be traveling again in the fall of 2013 so let me know if you are interested.

I find the Egyptian Mystery School to be similar to the Celtic Mystery School in that unity or oneness is broken down in to separate principles. In Egypt the deities represent these principles, and in the Celtic, the tree dyads represent them. But what is true is that the teachings, nature, humans, and the divine are meant to work together and to create love, peace, forgiveness, and to participate in potentiality and possibility.

Coll Hazel: The portal period of this summer month is ruled by the Hazel tree which shares this portal with the Quert Apple tree. This period runs from June 13th to July 10th.  Heather and the Mistletoe also participate in this period as plants that represents the summer solstice on June 20th..

The main message for Hazel is inspired wisdom of the heart. Hazel offers truth and higher perspective and guidance. This is a time to demonstrate our gratitude for the abundance of Mother Earth as we see the growth in all that has been planted. The sun is at its zentith and the days of sunlight are the longest. It is the time to claim and pat ourselves on the back for our own growth.  It is also a time to be creative: write in your journal, write poetry, sing, dance, create art, or paricipate in a craft or something in which you can express your creativity. Get out in nature and allow her power to support you and heal you. Spend some time out at night under the light of the moon. Under the sign of Cancer the family is emphasized as is showing reverence and respect for your own intuiion. Seek the council of Merlin or Thoth in your own meditation.

The apple tree symbolizes fruitfullness and fulfillment. Again we are asked to give gratitude for the bounty that Gaia shares with us. She is all about the fairies, magic, and the Isle of Avalon that so honored the Goddess who represents unconditional love and acceptance and understanding. Sit under an apple tree, close your eyes and simply breathe deeply and notice what you notice. This is done with grace and ease, no pushing for something to happen. Often we are led into a trance state where the fairies, or the Goddess spend time with us and offer us their perspective, their joy, and their wisdom.

Muin Vine: Vine rules from July 11th to August 7th. We have August 1, or Llamas to celebrate during this period which is the celebration of the beginning of the harvest and is known as the Day of the First Bread.  This portal is all about the celebration of the fulfillment of summer and the sun. It is a time of social expansion, coming together to celebrate and share food and drink. The mother aspect of the Goddess is forefront. This is a time of theatre, storytelling, dramatics, and performance. Take time to think about what you have brought to fullness and what you are grateful for in your life.

Gort Ivy: Ivy rules from August 8th to September 4th. This portal represents our ability to keep reaching for the light, and the fact that we are constantly moving in a spiral direction upward in consciousness; that this is our nature, as it is the nature of ivy. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we are reminded that is but another round of growth and that it is our nature to keep growing.  We are also encouraged to take the journey into the labyrinth of our own souls, our inner life, and our own mystery. Take some time for inner reflection. Spend some time in silence.

If you are interested is a tree session please email me at and give me your skype number and we can set up a session which you can pay for through my website and PayPal or via check.  You can read more about this on my website at  My classes will begin again in the fall so let me know what you are interested in. Lots of love and light to each of you and thank you for your interest and support! And happy summer! Sharlyn

Newsletter #7 from Alchemical Healing Arts & Sharlyn Hidalgo,  February 2012

I know it isn’t spring yet but I sure am looking forward to it. The sky is cloudy today and the rain falls in a soft drizzle.  I am looking forward to seeing the sun again! Right now we are under the influence of the Nuin Ash Tree. Its portal falls from February 21st until March 20th.  We are also under the influence of Pisces. There are many planets and asteroids that fall in the sign of Pisces at this time this year: Neptune, the moon, the sun, Pallas Athena (the daughter archetype, wisdom) , Chiron (the wounded healer) , Mercury, and Vesta (the sister archetype, service).  Neptune has just entered her home sign, and she will be in Pisces until 2025.  So that in itself is a double measure of Pisces. You could say that it is raining Pisces! Pisces is a water sign after all. Pisces is all about spirit, community, forgiveness, oneness, love, and compassion. It darker side speaks to fears, escapism, and addiction processes. 

Pisces is certainly emphasized for all of us right now. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your head is in the clouds and it is hard to stay focused on tasks or details. We are clearly being influenced by Piscean energy, and it is easier to communicate with the subtle realms.  Many of us feel more psychic and impressionable, and many are receiving cosmic downloads of all kinds.   Try to make some time for a relaxing bath, or a good read, or a gentle walk in nature. It is a good time to listen to music and to create something.  Rest and quite time is a good remedy for that feeling of being too sensitive and perhaps overwhelmed by the energies of others. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down if you can.  We can all feel that we are changing and that we are becoming more united, more global, and more cosmic.  Unity consciousness is bringing more of us together who desire peace and are willing to work on ourselves, rather than blame or hate others.  And yet we still want to hold those who choose to defraud or harm the public good accountable.  We are uniting together for the good of all. 

The message of the Ash tree is similar to the message of Pisces. It was the 3 Meliae, the nymphs of creative feminine wisdom, who gave Odin the Norse god the gift of the runes after he hung from the world tree for 9 days; this was his dark night of the soul. Their message being all dark nights of the soul eventually end, and great gifts are promised if we can “just hang in there” (please excuse the pun.) We gain a more soulful connection to life.   We gain more compassion, understanding, and often are given the gift of healing.   

If we all can sit under the metaphoric world tree, we can connect to every single being on the planet and every single living plant and animal. We can feel the unity of life under this tree that loves and supports us. We are enlivened by the subtle life force energy. We are imbued with the wisdom of nature, and awed by the incalculable complexity and beauty of all existence on our planet. We can’t help but feel gratitude for this gift, and for its amazing diversity. Just thinking that every snow flake is made of a different intricate and delicate design is enough to blow your mind, but then think of the whole web of existence.  Take a moment to sit under your own sacred tree at the center of your heart. Take a moment to meditate on the holly ground within yourself. Allow the balm of your own central tree of love, compassion, and understanding to infuse you; allow her to listen to you and to answer you.

This seems an appropriate place to share a thought from my book The Healing Power of Trees. “Never think you are one tiny, inconsequential speck of life without power and purpose. When you turn away from lies and hurtful, self-hating programming and begin to live from your inner fire and inspiration, you affect everything in this world including other people. Ash offers you a guide for how to accomplish this.” (80)   For those of you who have my book, it is a great time to reread the Ash chapter. The guidance that she offers, simply put, is that if we but can accept the difficulties and problems in our lives as teachers, we stop resisting their lessons.  It is often the challenges that we are faced with that force us to look more deeply inside, and to make a deeper connection with spirit.  This is just the way we are, and this is just the way life in this dimension seems to be. When things go wrong, we ask for help, and we just may listen to that small wise voice within, which is our true guide.  We all have one for sure.  

“When you feel alone, isolated, or overwhelmed, call forth Ash’s energy. Imagine yourself sitting under her tall umbrella of branches and leaves, with your back leaning against her firm trunk. Feel her strong root connecting you to the earth, feel the trunk supporting your body and feel her branches and leaves stretching up to sky and the cosmos. You were made this way too, and this tree will connect you to a body sense of knowing that you are part of the whole and that you are never alone.

When you feel fate is going in the wrong direction, travel to your central tree and invite the three fates to sit in counsel with you. Tell them your concerns and negotiate strategies for new outcomes. Be open to their counsel as they are the representatives of your own wisdom, intuition, and knowing.” (86, 87)  Blessed be to the power and teaching of the Ash and her portal.

As for myself right now, I am working on the final edits of my new book entitled Mohamed Nazmy: Love is my Religion, The Mysteries of Egypt, Spiritual Travel, and a Vision for Peace. I hope to have it competed in March. As many of you know, I have been working on this for over a year and a half and I am so excited to share it with you when it is complete. Mohamed owns Quest Travel in Egypt and he runs the spiritual tours for many famous new thought teachers and authors. He has become such a powerful catalyst and mentor in my life and I credit this to his open hearted love, his humor and laughter, and his joy of sharing Egypt.  And then at the end of April I will travel to Egypt and lead my first tour there. So I am very excited and enthralled with these two big projects. Even so, at my heart I am a Celtic girl, and nature, the British Isles, and the trees are my loves.

When I return at the end of May I am thinking of offering an individualized apprenticeship program so that I can act as a mentor for a few people who want to study the Celtic mysteries in depth and take on the practice.  I would also help you apply these teachings to your daily life, your challenges, and your aspirations. I will include information about the Wheel of the Year, teach you the ceremonies and rituals associated with the holidays, and share the tree teachings so that you too can teach others about this rich heritage.  So if you are interested in an apprenticeship, let me know.  I believe we would need to work once a month for an hour or so, with homework in between, for a year, with a final ceremony at the end. I am thinking of working via skype which makes it very easy for you if you do not live in the area.  

I will be doing a talk on the spring trees on May 30th, Wednesday, at 7 pm at the East/West Bookshop in Seattle. I will just be home from Egypt, and will share a bit about the trip as well. So if you live in the area I would love to have you come.

So I send you blessing for the end of winter, and the beginning of spring on the 21st of March when we begin the teachings of the Hawthorn Tree.  It isn’t that far away. The crocuses and the daffodils are shooting up out of the ground already.  May the muses bring you light and laughter and encourage you to play. Make music, draw pictures, build fairy houses, have some light hearted fun….  Keep your heart as light as a feather and don’t believe the thoughts that take you places you don’t want to go.
I have enjoyed sitting under the cosmic tree with you where there is so much love, acceptance, and spaciousness; there’s room for us all and for all the fauna and flora too! Nature is alive and my, what a world of wonder we have been gifted.  Keep the magic alive no matter what! 

Blessings, Sharlyn Louise




Alchemical Healing Arts & Sharlyn Hidalgo’s Newsletter # 6   November, 2011

Hi All,

Here we are beginning a New Celtic Year. November 1st marks the New Year and we begin to make our intentions and plan for a new round of activity. I am busy with tarot, astrology, and tree readings, alchemical healing, and the writing of my second edit on my book about Egypt, sacred travel, and Mohamed Nazmy. I started this book in August of 2011 and here I am still at it. It is a daily practice!  I won’t be doing classes for a while because I so want to complete this project before my trip to Egypt in May of 2012. I want to be able to take the manuscript to Mohamed who runs Quest Travel in Egypt and is responsible for the sacred tours of so many luminaries on the planet such as Nicki Scully and Jean Houston to name a few.  This book is about this special man and his work in the world. His vision is to bring peace and he does this one relationship at a time. He has taught me so much. Anyway, that is the bare bones of it for now.

The Tree that goes with this month is the Birch Tree. The Beith Birch portal rules over the time period from November 1 through

the 28th. Its themes are new beginning and endings, new seeds of hope gestating in the deep earth and in the dark, Scorpio energy, elimination, regeneration, and letting go, weeding out of thoughts, feelings, and actions that impede growth, and clearing for the new, returning to innocence, releasing judgment (giving the left brain a rest), resolution of conflict, pliancy in recovery after trauma or shock, seeing things from a higher view, and letting in the magic. The totems of Birch are the snake, phoenix, eagle, and all of the crone goddesses.

Activity: Imagine yourself standing within a grove of lovely birch trees. It is November, so you are bundled up and cozy within your warm cloak or coat. Notice the slender white bark of these trees and their whispering leaves as the branches dance with the winter wind. Allow yourself a moment to close your eyes and see, sense, feel, know or imagine this moment of stillness except for the whisper of the moving leaves and branches of these trees.

In this very moment you shape shift, and you magically find yourself becoming a slender birch tree. You have actually entered this tree and now have an opportunity to communicate with the dyad of this tree family. Take a moment to feel this experience…. (pause.) Notice your graceful branches as they reach up towards the light and then drop down with the weight of your many leaves, notice your pliant yet strong white and silver trunk, and your root system that extends down deep into mother earth…. (pause.) As you notice the stance of this tree and its special way of moving and being, give it your gratitude. In the silence of a November day, feel the grace of this tree. Feel it move up towards the light. Listen to the whispering leaves. They have a message for you….

Think of this tree’s ability to shed its skin. Allow yourself to drop habits and ways of thinking that are limiting in the same way. See your old “bark” simple blowing away. As an eagle flies to very top of your tree allow yourself to see with the eyes of the eagle. View your problems and concerns from a higher perspective. What can you learn from your situation? What can you forgive in yourself and others? What stubbornness, grudges, resentments, or need for revenge can you let go of? What judgments about yourself or others no longer serve you? Simply let go, let go, let go….    Now take a moment to take some long deep breaths.

This is also the time of the year to honor Scorpio energy and the power of the crone. Speak out loud the names of your grandmothers and elders as a means of paying them homage. 

Give yourself some time to consider what you would like to create and draw to you this next year.  Take a moment to contemplate your own goals and wishes. Make a list of your new intentions and goals.  Remember that the sky is the limit and that the Universe responds to your heart’s desires. Be open to the full potential of possibilities here and refuse to be stopped by any perceived limitation.

Cut an apple through the middle and contemplate the symbol of the pentacle. Just like the seeds form a pentacle in the center, so is there a pattern of perfection for each person within themselves. Take a moment to appreciate your own unique pattern and to love yourself.

Take the seeds from the apple and name each one with one of your goals. This seed is my desire for a wonderful trip to Egypt. This seed is my desire for…..   Place these in a special place on your altar so that you can remember your desires when you see them, or plant them into a little container of earth. Light a candle to represent these new intentions for the Celtic New Year.

Give gratitude to the Birch tree for its teachings. Take a moment to stand like a tree, feel rooted in the earth, and spread your arms upwards toward the skies. Tone if you are willing. Intentionally connect with and experience your own inner knowing so that you may walk the month and the New Year in a good way. 

In ending I wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is such a lovely time to give our gratitude for what we do have; and not spend too much time on what we are lacking. I will be in Miami visiting my daughter who goes to the University of Miami and also visiting with my husband’s brother’s family. Funny to think that I used to say and believe that I would never get to Miami to see my daughter, too much money, no time, blah, blah, blah. As soon as I said to myself that yes I would go to Miami, it manifested. In my heart of heart’s I wanted so much to go and visit my daughter and see her musical theatre conservatory program and be with her on  Thanksgiving. And I am leaping for joy that I changed my mind. You can too. Just open your mind and let go of the blah, blah, blah reasons why you can’t or won’t do something. The universe is responsive once it gets a clear message.

Best to each of you, Sharlyn


Sharlyn Hidalgo’s Newsletter # 5: Fall, 2011

Fall Offerings of Alchemical Healing

 A free teleconference (except for your phone charges) on tree healing and a guided meditation on Sunday October 2nd at 5PM PDT.  Please register for the class at I will send you the call number and the conference code.

 Tree Class in Seattle, Saturday, October 22: 1-5, $85

Alchemical Healing II Class: Wednesday nights, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2: $285 

 I now have Paypal account on my website for those of you who would like readings or sessions via the phone or skype.  Email me to set up an appointment. It has been really fun to use skype to connect with so many of you that have read my book and are interested in the trees.


Hi all,

Finally we are having some sun in the Pacific Northwest, after a relatively cool summer although I can’t complain given the weather conditions in so many areas of our country. My heart goes out to those of you who are living with the drought, the fires,  the flooding and the winds of the storms.

I sent out a note asking for feedback from subscribers about what they were dealing with right now. Thank you so much to those of you who responded. By asking I am hoping to build community. I know that we can support each other in our successes and in our troubles.

Many are worried about finances and work. Many still have jobs but because their employers are downsizing and cutting costs they have an increased workload and this is stressful. Others spoke about their desire to move away from situations and people that sabotage their life. How can we be around others intense emotions without taking on their energy? How can we bring our life into balance when we have so much on our plate? How can we better manage our time? How can we move through necessary goals with grace and ease?

Many of us are going through dark nights of the soul. How do we deal with our loved ones who are addicted? How do we deal with emotional pain, physical problems and financial worries? What to do if we are just plain miserable?  How can we be with what is happening in the world which is undergoing so much suffering? How can we hold compassion and awareness rather than becoming totally overwhelmed? What if we are experiencing the health decline of people we love? How do we deal with anxiety and a sense of doom? Others are asking, how can we return to the enjoyment of the natural world and people that we love? How can we move towards the life we want? How do we reconnect with gratitude for life?  There is indeed a lot on our minds. Can you identify with some of these questions?  I know I can. I also know that as a community we have many solutions and answers. If you have some ideas send them my way and I will get them out to folks.

Lately I am working on shifting my thoughts and feelings moment to moment from separation consciousness to unity consciousness. How do we stay open again and again to the fact that we are already perfect, whole, and complete? How do we stay in gratitude and keep an open heart? So while contemplating your responses and considering my own issues, I turn to the trees of this last part of the Celtic tree Calendar year that ends on October 31st. What do the trees have to tell us? We have three trees that have teaching for us. These are Ngetal Reed, Straif Blackthorn, and Ruis Elder. We also have the White Poplar or Aspen which represents the Autumn Equinox and we have the symbol of the Grove which accompanies October 31st and the celebration of Samhain known as The Day.   All of these trees are willing to offer us support and teaching.













Ngetal Reed covers the period of time between September 5th and October 2nd.  Reed refers to the grasses, pampas grass, bull rushes, bamboo, cattails and any plant with long, hollow shoots. Have you heard the expression be a hollow bone? Reed reminds us to be a hollow reed for spirit. Reed suggests that we get out of our own way and allow.  This portal marks the end of the yearly cycle as we gather in the crops and prepare for winter. The totems and guides here are pike and owl, and the goddesses Athena and Artemis that know how to hunt. They will assist you, what are you hunting? Make a list of your last intentions for the year. These require only direction and your last burst of focus. In your mind’s eye aim your arrow of intention at the bull’s eye and let it go with the expectation that you will receive your heart’s desire. Are you willing to receive and expect the best? Are you able to trust that what you have intended is already yours? Can you feel the joy of already receiving? I admit that this can feel like make believe, but it is actually this process that speeds manifestation. Stop talking about what you want to do and take the last steps you need to make it happen. Stay to the good. See it, smell it, feel it, know it, dance it, say it….  Do not  feed the worry; exercise some discipline here. Creating a feeling of joy is necessary in order to invest this discipline with energy. The joy is the fuel for manifestation.

Reed also encourages us to use sound. The use of wind instruments or our own voices is a way to infuse life into our dreams. Whistle, breathe deeply, focus your breath on your intentions, chant, and sing medicine songs that you make up to call your desires into life.

Be willing to let go of that which you have not accomplished. Every season some plants do better than others. It has to do with the weather and all of the growing factors. This is true of the fruits of our own labors and desires. When some fail to grow or thrive, it is time to clear the garden and recycle and compost. We don’t get mad about this, we simply begin to prepare for what we will grow next season, knowing that the cycle continues and that we can depend upon it.


Straif Blackthorn shares the month with Reed and is a messenger. We all face strife and challenge. And we all have had to navigate our own dark night of the soul. Our nation is suffering in its dark night of economic distress and is experiencing so many challenges to its democracy. Blackthorn always reminds us that renewal is promised if we open to new opportunities or direct our creative energy to open new doors now that others have closed or are closing. This of course is a creative challenge.  Are you open to seeing new doors or are you fixated on the door that has closed? You can call on this tree for protection and to help you learn and grow while you are in the midst of dissolution. Look to your difficulty as an ally. What does it want from you; what thought, feeling, or behavior is not serving you as you navigate a perceived difficulty? Is it a call to something greater? My greatest challenges were really a purposeful experience. I was challenged to change my thinking about everything and let go of judgment, fear, and limitation. It wasn’t the situation as much as my thoughts about the situation that was the problem.


The Eadha Poplar and the Aspen mark the Fall Equinox which this year falls on September 23rd. These two trees offer stabilization after a setback. They can offer you a strong sense of perseverance and courage, as well as strength and resolve. These are trees that will help you navigate through adversity. The equinox is a day of balance. Move to a point of neutrality between the dark and the light of your life. Breathe into this neutrality and let it spread to every thought, feeling, and action. Breathe this into every cell of your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body. Take a look at your life from a larger perspective. What is really trying to happen here? What do you need to let go of as you prepare for a new cycle? Listen to the leaves of these trees as they dance in the wind; do they have a message for you? It is not for me to say what that message it; as this message is a special communication that you create with a tree.If you want this relationship ask the tree to communicate with you. Do this with an actual tree, or close your eyes and imagine connecting with the tree that you see in your mind’s eye. Ask for guidance and notice what you notice.


Riuis Elder represents the last lunation of the year and runs from October 3rd to the 30th. This tree encourages us in letting go, recycling, and preparing for winter. This portal marks the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end. If I have learned nothing else from the trees is that everything has a cycle. We begin, we grow, we create, we come into fullness and we move towards decline and end, where we must let go and let things die and fall away. Then we are asked to recreate and to resurrect ourselves anew. We are asked to begin again at another level as we spiral up towards the light. Where ever you are in your life today, right now, you are somewhere on that spiral. If you are challenged it will change, if you are at the height of your success, that will change. It is a circle and a cycle and a spiral. So here we stand upon the cycle of death and rebirth of another season.  Where are you on this spiral?

This tree also teaches that although our elders may have passed out of this dimension, that they and our ancestors form a lineage of support. They had aspirations that they held dear, and they understand that we too have seeds of soul purpose that we desire to fulfill. They are on our side, even if that was not true when they were here in the personality and limitation of their human body. Remember that on the soul plane they are no longer within that limitation and they have a lot to share. Ask them for help. They have suffered through difficulty, pain, and challenge and they understand.  They are part of your healing team no matter what you are experiencing. Although we can’t see them, we can feel into their support. They cannot help us but by our invitation. Let them know you require their love and support.


The DAY is called Samhain (sowin), Hallowmas or All Hallows and we also know it as Halloween. This is a day to go within and make a recommitment to your own spiritual practice and connection to source. It is also a time when the veil between dimensions is thin, and we can give our gratitude to and ask for the guidance of our ancestors as well as the dear animals that we have loved that have passed on. The ancient people of the British Isles did not fear this connection and took time to develop relationships with their ancestors and loved ones.

 This is the holiest of days to reevaluate your life, do your forgiveness work for yourself and others, connect with the dead, and let go of that which was not accomplished or of that which you have labeled as failure. Think of it as a crop that didn’t thrive, and then let it go.  Pat yourself of the back for what you did accomplish. Give yourself some praise. On the 31st make some alone time for introspection and to connect with source. Meet with others and have a ceremony to let go so that you can begin again but at another level. Sit within a grove of trees and allow the group of trees to speak with you. Listen to the messages of the leaves as they whisper to you in the wind.


I don’t have any easy answers but I do know that taking time with a tree can balance you, support you, encourage you, and remind you of your true essence. The refreshment that a tree offers you can put you back on your feet again!


Thank you so much for your interest in this work. I wish each of you a full and joyful autumn!


Blessings, Sharlyn





















Newsletter  #4

June, 2011

Hello Dear Friends, Here it is June in Seattle and we still have grey skies and cool weather and a bit of rain. I know there is a sun, but we sure haven’t seen it for a long time! It really makes me miss the bright hot sun of Egypt and the huge skyscape of turquoise that seems to go on forever.

I want to recommend a book that is only available at a few sites. You can buy it from Nicki Scully at or from Normandi Ellis at  It is entitled The Modern Day Alchemist from the Land of the Pharaohs: Secrets of Manifestation Revealed to Awaken the Alchemist Within by George Faddoul and Mohamed Nazmy. Mohamed owns Quest Travel in Egypt and he creates the spiritual and metaphysical tours for many new thought leaders such as Gregg Braden and Jean Houston. This book gives accounts of many of his leaders who share their stories about the alchemy that they experienced in Egypt. As I will be traveling in Egypt in October in 2011 with Nicki Scully and then taking my own group in May of 2012, I am very interested in people returning to Egypt again. The Egyptian people depend upon our dollars but they also are supported by our solidarity in their struggle for democracy.  A trip to Egypt is a political statement these days!  Please let me know if you are interested in the details of either of these trips.

I am currently writing a book about Mohamed Nazmy as he is a fascinating man and has quite a story. His purpose in life is to develop peace and understanding through his travel business. He believes that when we have actual friendly experiences with the people of Egypt we understand our commonalities, and leave our fears and misconceptions behind. My travels to Egypt have certainly opened my heart and my mind and my eyes

Enough said about Egypt. Let’s focus on the summer trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar.  Her we look at four trees and also Heather and Mistletoe. Coll Hazel and Quert Apple share the same month of June 13 through July 10.  Muin Vine rules over the period from July 11 through August 7, and Gort Ivy rules the period between August 8 and September 4. I like to gather leaves and twigs of these trees and plants and make a center piece of them for my altar. That way I have them close and can contemplate their messages and teaching.

During the Hazel month this year we have a lunar eclipse on June 15th at 1:14 pm, Pacific Daylight Time. This eclipse is a full moon that falls at 24 degrees of Sagittarius 23 seconds. Sagittarius is all about belief systems. This is a time to look at old belief patterns that are not working for you. We are encouraged to let these limitations go. Lunar eclipses will often draw up from our unconscious that which troubles us and holds us back. So if you are experiencing again some of your own negative patterns and disheartening feelings attempt to take on the perspective that this is simply a review. This is a way to look again at what is blocking you. These feelings, memories, and thoughts can be healed, forgiven, and understood. This is the purpose of bumping up against them but again.  Sagittarius also looks toward truth, and the truth is that we are not our egos, that we are spiritual beings without limitation. Place your attention back on love, inclusion, joy, and the expansion of your consciousness. Focus on what is good in your life while being gentle with these more difficult feelings, experiences from the past, and thoughts.  We remember to bring the light to the dark in a balanced way of inclusion.

The message of the Hazel tree is insight, wisdom, intuition, and higher perspective.  And the apple represents choice and beauty. Apple encourages us to connect with mother earth and to give our appreciation to all of the goddesses.  She also encourages us to connect with our female lineages and to our ancestral land. Take some time to be with nature. Think about your ancestors and try to connect to the ancient teachings of your original homeland. Think about the places upon the planet that draw you and the spiritual traditions that have meaning for you. Sit in your garden or your local park and give your gratitude.

We also celebrate the Summer Solstice within this portal. This is a great time to celebrate the light, fulfillment, bounty, and the zenith.  What are you grateful for? What do you appreciate in your life? What have you accomplished this year? Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and give yourself some positive feedback. Plants that go with the Solstice are heather and mistletoe representing the ogham Ur and the letter U. These represent healing and spiritual development. Try to make some time on the 21st to count your blessings and to focus on what is good about your life. This is really a time to celebrate the fullness of your life and to share your bounty with others.

Muin Vine is all about prophecy and ecstasy. Get out those tarot cards or throw the runes. Ask the important questions that you have but don’t disregard the answers. What truly brings you ecstasy? For me I feel closest to this when I am in the sites and temples in Egypt or with the trees. Make some time to do things you enjoy and if you don’t know be willing to try some new things. Muin Vine also represents the beginning of the harvest and the first fruits of one’s labor. The totems are the lion, Dionysus, the Green Man, Pan, the sylphs, nymphs, elves and fairies, and the son god Lugh. All of the nature devas and helpers are alive and well and they appreciate our attention and recognition for all that they do to grow and maintain the flora on the planet. Go to some wild place in nature that is untouched by man, and you will feel their energy. Leave a wild place in your own yard and they will gather there.

The cross quarter holiday that falls here is on August 1, and it is called the Day of the Bread or Llamas which is a celebration for the harvest and the fulfillment of summer. Most the Celtic celebrations have to do with thanksgiving. The enlivening contract with the unseen realm was kept vital through gratitude.

Gort Ivy is about the labyrinth that represents the journey into one’s self. As this plant continues to grow towards the sunlight in a spiral we too are encouraged to spiral towards our spiritual nature, and also to spiral inwardly towards our soul, that place where the physical and the spiritual meet. Take some time to be quiet and go within, listen to some soothing music. I myself have not been much of a meditator, but lately with the world going so fast and the energy being so chaotic I find I am taking 15 minutes in the morning to sit quietly with music or a guided meditation and that keeps me on center. I can’t believe what a difference it makes.  I am also noticing that I am receiving encouragement and inner strength.  I get pats on the back and reinforcement so to speak from my connection to source. And I need that. Do you ever feel that all of the spiritual work you are doing goes unseen and that you are alone in it against a world that does not perceive it?  I must admit that I do and I have found that this morning time is very helpful.

Again if you want to go more in depth about these trees and their teachings go to my book The Healing Power of Trees. Begin with the Hazel tree and just focus on that tree’s teaching for the month, and then go onto the next. When you give the tree your attention, its teachings will come to you. People, places, events, situations, and things will come to you as synchronicities that reinforce the teachings and communications. You will know that there is a direct link to the unseen world that you create through your attention and willingness to open the door of the portal.

I wish each of you a glorious summer and encouragement as you continue to expand your consciousness and keep your hearts open

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Lots of Love to each of you! Sharlyn




































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