Sharlyn Hidalgo and Alchemical Healing Arts offers a range of healing services:

The British Mysteries
I teach about the healing power of trees through the Celtic Tree Calendar. We use my booksThe Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys through the Celtic Tree Calendar and Celtic Tree Rituals: Ceremonies for the Thirteen Moon Months and a Day with LLewellyn Publications as well as my Celtic Tree Oracle deck with Blue Angel Publications. 

I also have a 12 month Celtic Tree Apprenticeship Program in which we study the teachings of the 15 Celtic trees in the tree calendar. Here you learn about ceremony, tree teachings, guides and deities, and guided journeying. This is a wonderful way to move through the Wheel of the Year and concentrate on your personal development.

I often run rituals that honor the Celtic holidays and the turning of the yearly wheel as well as new moon and full moon rituals. Just email me if you are interested.

I enjoy offering Tree Readings. I tune into your personal tree and share its special messages for you. People find these readings to be quite encouraging, strengthening, and healing.

Alchemical Healing

I am a certified practitioner and teacher of Alchemical Healing in Seattle. Alchemical Healing can be done by phone or in person. It is an energetic healing system developed by Nicki Scully that provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to retrieve knowledge, and to skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation. This method can be applied to physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues.  For more information go the Nicki Scully’s website at and also see more about me under staff.  

Please let me know if you desire to learn this healing modality. There are three parts and each one usually takes a weekend or is held over 5 weeks meeting in the evening.

When I get enough students I being AH I. When complete we move on to AH II and then complete with AH III.  

Tarot and Astrology

I teach classes both in tarot and astrology and do readings. I have read tarot for over twenty five years. My readings can help to clarify issues in your life and explore your choices. My readings also provide a quickening to help move you forward towards your goals and aspirations. I am also a practicing astrologer and do both natal charts and solar return charts. Reports are written and can be mailed or e-mailed along with a phone or in person reading.

The Egyptian Mysteries

I am a teacher of the Egyptian Mysteries and am preparing to lead spiritual groups to Egypt. My studies of ancient Egyptian spirituality have brought me to a direct dialogue with the Egyptian pantheon, a deep connection to the Egyptian temples and sites, and an understanding that we are spiritual beings with immense power and ability and that we are an expression of unity consciousness and the cosmos. These mysteries give us access to our own inner spiritual technology and teach us how to be co-creators in our own lives.

Mind Treatments and Manifestation

I teach classes on manifestation by using mind treatments as developed through Earnest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science. This way of understanding universal laws and principles, and working with these has changed my life one hundred percent! 

Art, the Mandala, and Dreams
As an artist I like to use the centering symbol of the mandala in my creations. This centering symbol is a tool for entering the interior of one’s psyche and makes evident that power and self knowledge that resides within. This encourages growth, empowerment, and health. I also use the mandala in my teaching. I also teach about dream work and dream symbolism. Dreams are a direct conversation into the psyche and into communication with the higher dimensions of love and light.

I am available to travel to teach classes, and run workshops or retreats. Personal readings or consultations can be done by phone or in person.  Sharlyn can be reached at

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